Morris Brothers no. 3

This ordinary was restored in a very sympathetic way in 2012. Owner had to add new spokes, a replica rear hub and replica brake handle and spoon. It was worth the effort, since this Morris Brothers ordinary has a very special front hub.
Owner Gerald was friendly enough to make detailed pictures of this hub, which makes the replacement of broken spokes quite easy. Marvellous system!
In the 1883 Morris Brothers catalogue we read a description of this hub. They also show a special adjustable spring, see last illustration. On the bicycle we show in the pictures, is a 'Humber' spring. It may be original, or a later replacement. 

Morris Brothers had their factory (Cambrian Cycle Works)  located in Pontypridd in Wales, while they sold the bikes from their office in Cardiff. 1173 is the serial number, the bikes measures 54 inch.  
The makers proudly engraved name and model in the left side of the neck.
It shows:

Morris Brothers
No. 3

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